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.........(or my spot) here anything goes, I’ll be delving into the world of sex toys and letting you know which one’s make a real buzz, as well as talking to industry experts in the daring but beautiful world of the sex, filth and smut. Come on girls, what happens when we all get together? We talk about sex, and why do we talk about it? Because it’s just fun! Who doesn’t LOVE talking about what we like, what we really don’t, that awkward story when he did that thing that still makes you shudder with regret to this very day! And trust me ladies… we’ve all been there. I decided to write this blog so I could talk sex on a global scale! So come on guys, I want you to share your juicy gossip, funny stories, embarrassing moments and downright slutty experiences. And in return? Well I will be divulging all in as much detail as you want…. I look forward to hearing all about your sex lives- you filthy animals!


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BDSM & Kink

How to Take Your Kinky Play to The Next Level

Exploring BDSM With Your Partner If you want to add a little bit more kinkiness to your love life, why not have some fun experimenting and shopping? Itching to get a little kinkier in the bedroom? More and more couples are adding some pretty hardcore BDSM play to... read more

Sex Toys

Fun in the Bath

Before you clean yourself off, it’s time to get a little down and dirty. For many people, a long soak in the bath is the best opportunity to forget all your worries and just relax. It’s also a great place to give in to some of your desires and get a little... read more


Do Gay Men Have More Fun Between the Sheets?

Why Same-Sex Couples Are Having Better Sex   The verdict is officially in – gay men have sex that’s much more mutually satisfying than their straight counterparts.   If you’re in the early stage of a relationship, then chances are you’re having a lot of sex – and... read more

Guest Posts

Explore your sensuous side – become a professional stripper

If you want to go into the adult industry, you could take a number of routes to your dream job. A great way to test the water and find out whether or not this career choice is for you is to start working as a professional stripper. What are the benefits of becoming a... read more



Professional Private Films: Do you Dare to Star in One?

Why Sex Tapes Are So Much Better When They’re Filmed Professionally You may have reservations about being filmed in such an intimate setting, but the end result will be so worth it. Let’s be honest. Most of us have toyed with the idea of making a sex tape.... read more


The Tantric Massage Scene in London

Finding the Best Massage Agency in the Capital   London is home to one of the best tantric massage agencies in Absolute Male Massage.   Looking for something that will relax you and leave you feeling deeply, deeply satisfied? Then you should give tantric... read more

Your Stories

The Benefits of Receiving a Body Rub

A body rub refers to an alternative method of massage; you do not need a license in order to practice this kind of massage. Body rubs are sometimes known as a sensual massage in other countries, but it’s the same experience for both. The body rub involves the use of... read more

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