Why Same-Sex Couples Are Having Better Sex


The verdict is officially in – gay men have sex that’s much more mutually satisfying than their straight counterparts.


If you’re in the early stage of a relationship, then chances are you’re having a lot of sex – and good sex too! If you’ve been in a committed relationship for some time, then the same may go for you as well. It’s been assumed by many people that gay men have better sex than their straight counterparts, with that passion still at a really high level after years of being with the same person. A recent study looked into which couples were having better sex, and the evidence did point to gay guys having a better time between the sheets. Seven-year itch? What seven-year itch!


A sexy study

The study into sexual satisfaction was put together by a group of the world’s leading experts on human sexuality, including David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University in California. The results showed that while straight men orgasmed 95% of the time, their female partners did so just 65% of the time. Gay men, on the other hand, orgasmed 89% of the time. So while it’s a slightly lower percentage, it does show that there’s much more mutual satisfaction, proving that gay men may be more sexually in tune with each other.

Trying out some toys

So, why are gay men having a better time of in the bedroom? Well, they have quite a few cheeky tools at their disposal! There are so many sex toys for gay men to use in the bedroom, and they can enrich intimacy in so many different ways. Gay men seem to be more open-minded when it comes to using toys as a regular part of their sex life. So they might use anal toys as part of foreplay (or for the main event!) and experiment with things like cock rings to prolong the experience. With toys, the possibilities are endless.

Knowing each other better

The fact that gay men are more connected in the bedroom could also be down to one undeniable fact – biology! Two men will understand each other’s body better than a man and a woman, thanks to sharing the same anatomy. So a guy can try something on himself first, know that it feels good, and then do that same thing to his partner. While all men have their unique preferences, having largely the same erogenous zones as your partner seems to set you up for better sex.

Keep it fresh and enjoy the fun!

So, what can gay men take away from this? Well, the same thing goes for all couples, gay or straight, and that’s to keep things exciting. No one likes to have the same kind of sex over and over again, and getting stuck in a rut will see those satisfaction levels plummet. So don’t be afraid to experiment with things like toys, never stop exploring each other’s bodies and above all else, keep communicating! If you can talk openly about sex and have fun while you’re doing it, you’ll enjoy lovemaking a lot more.  Fortunately, most gay men seem to have this caring, open-minded attitude towards sex. Straight men – take note if you want to up your game!