If you want to go into the adult industry, you could take a number of routes to your dream job. A great way to test the water and find out whether or not this career choice is for you is to start working as a professional stripper.

What are the benefits of becoming a professional stripper?

Working as a stripper is fun and rewarding. We can safely say that no two days are the same when you decide to enter the adult entertainment industry. If you’re after a career that’s lively, fast-paced and sociable, stripping and exotic dancing could certainly be for you.

If you’re in high demand for birthday parties, hen dos, stag dos and of course private dances, you can earn a good living from your work on your own terms and at times that suit you.

What skills do you need?

Don’t go thinking you need any professional qualifications to become a full-time stripper! It goes without saying that you’ll need to have a talent for dancing. If you’re not trained, watch other people’s routines first of all for an idea of the kind of choreography you’ll need to be coming up with to wow your audience. You don’t need to be technically brilliant to command their attention – you just need to tease, tantalise and give them a show to remember!

You don’t need to be size 0 to become a stripper, but you do need to be physically fit. You’ll need to be body-confident and comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll need to be sociable and happy to chat with strangers. And if you’re female, being able to walk well in high heels is also a bonus!

How do you find work?

As with any profession, the key to success as a stripper is to stand out from the competition. If you’re going to find regular work, you’ll need to lay on some killer moves, spend time putting together the perfect outfits for your clients, and make sure you’re looking (and performing) your best at every booking. Many strippers decide to go into a particular niche – for example, perhaps being a sexy fireman for the night appeals to you, or maybe becoming a topless butler sounds more like your thing. Again, if you can set yourself apart from other local strippers, you’ll have a better chance of securing more business.

You can sign up with a dedicated entertainment agency, such as Coffee ‘n’ Cream, which offers strippers and kissograms in Northern Ireland and also throughout Ireland and the UK. Agencies such as these will set up a profile on their website that will advertise your services. When a booking comes through, they’ll typically pass on the details to you so you can arrange the finer details.

You could also work as a fully independent stripper. This might be the best option for you if you want full control over not only your working hours, but also how you present yourself to potential clients. You will need to manage your own marketing, which can be time consuming, but there are definitely perks to going it alone.

However you choose to promote yourself as a professional stripper, be sure to stay safe when entertaining clients. As long as you’re careful about giving out personal details, and you make sure you set clear boundaries when taking bookings, you’ll be able to earn great money from giving your audience the time of their lives.