Before you clean yourself off, it’s time to get a little down and dirty.

For many people, a long soak in the bath is the best opportunity to forget all your worries and just relax. It’s also a great place to give in to some of your desires and get a little bit ‘hands on’ – whether that’s on your own or with a partner.

Set the mood

Dim the lights, get some candles burning and play some sexy music. Pop a scented bath bomb in the bath too. It’s important that you feel comfortable and free of any outside worries if you’re going to become aroused. If you’re sharing the bath with a partner, start your foreplay before you get in and perform a striptease.

Introduce some sex toys

There are a large number of waterproof sex toys now, so you can introduce them to your bathtime with no worries at all. The great thing about toys is that they make masturbation much more exciting but can also spice things up between couples as well. Bullet vibrators are small but powerful, and rabbit and g-spot vibes will hit your pleasure zones. Oh, and you can let your partner take control with a remote controlled toy too.

Going all the way

If your bath is big enough, it is possible to have sex in it. You just have to choose your positions carefully. Remember, just because you’re submerged doesn’t mean you don’t need lube – it’s pretty vital in fact. Pick up a waterproof variety, as the bathwater will wash away any natural lubrication. The same goes for if you’re just indulging in some self-love – lube will make it even better!

Making a splash

It’s time to banish the rubber duck – baths just got a lot, lot sexier. Orgasms leave us feeling happy and relaxed; so adding a few to your evening soak is a very good idea indeed. So how will you spice up your time in the tub?

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