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.........(or my spot) here anything goes, I’ll be delving into the world of sex toys and letting you know which one’s make a real buzz, as well as talking to industry experts in the daring but beautiful world of the sex, filth and smut. Come on girls, what happens when we all get together? We talk about sex, and why do we talk about it? Because it’s just fun! Who doesn’t LOVE talking about what we like, what we really don’t, that awkward story when he did that thing that still makes you shudder with regret to this very day! And trust me ladies… we’ve all been there. I decided to write this blog so I could talk sex on a global scale! So come on guys, I want you to share your juicy gossip, funny stories, embarrassing moments and downright slutty experiences. And in return? Well I will be divulging all in as much detail as you want…. I look forward to hearing all about your sex lives- you filthy animals!


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Who Are The Most Popular Adult Toy Reviewers?

Getting the Low Down on Sex Toys We all want to do our research before we buy a sex toy – and review blogs are a great way of finding out if a toy is for you. For most people, the time they spend together with their sex toys is purely for pleasure. They use them to... read more


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How to Become a Male Escort

More men than ever are offering their company and “additional services” to cash-rich and time-poor women, who are looking for uncomplicated hook-ups and quick mood lifters. Becoming a UK male escort can be rewarding socially and financially. If you are considering... read more


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5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time With a Mature Lady

If you’ve never spent time with an older woman before, you sure are missing out! They’re intelligent, confident and seriously sexy. Here are five great reasons why you should consider a date or two with a more mature lady. Fed up of dates filled with... read more

Your Stories

Your Guide to Getting Your Confidence Back After a Break Up

Getting your confidence back after any break up can be a slow and delicate matter. Everyone needs a little time to feel down and insecure about themselves, that’s normal, but it can’t go on forever! Once you’ve had your fill of PJ’s and chocolate and you want to feel... read more

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