A body rub refers to an alternative method of massage; you do not need a license in order to practice this kind of massage. Body rubs are sometimes known as a sensual massage in other countries, but it’s the same experience for both.

The body rub involves the use of different types of massage techniques in order to stimulate a person’s libido, or increase their ability to respond positively to sensual stimuli.

Body rubs enable you to relax and alleviate any built up stress within the body and mind. Sensual massages are enjoyed by many people who find it has physical and emotionally therapeutic effects on the body.


The process of a body rub

The massage will take place in a comfortable place, with relaxing music playing in the background, dim lights and even some scented candles to create the perfect ambience. The receiver will lay face down on a bed, and be covered head to toe in oil, where every part of the body will be massaged.

Castor oil may be used on the skin for medical reasons, and to soften the skin during a body rub. Castor oil penetrates deeper than other essential oils, which keeps the body looking youthful.

Massage techniques

The masseuse will use long, slow strokes to relax and unwind the body, with a mixture of more vigorous strokes to excite and tease the body. The masseuse will use their whole body to stimulate you, providing an intimate body-to-body experience where you will feel close and connected. The masseuse will then proceed to turn the receiver over, and continue massaging every inch of the body.

The benefits of a body rub

Benefits of a body rub and sensual massage can include anxiety reduction, relief from depression, reduced blood pressure, pain relief and control. Massaging also stimulates the body, creating the release of endorphins and serotonin which can create feelings of happiness and content.


A body rub is the perfect way to spoil yourself and give yourself a break from the daily stresses of life.