How to be an irresistible first date, and guarantee you a second shot!

First impressions really are the key in securing yourself a second date, so how do you show your date you are the kind of girl he wants to see again? There are a few areas to focus on that will really keep him interested before the end of the date, making sure he’s going to ask you for another!


By making yourself take his breath away the first time he looks at you, you’re bound to leave a lasting impression to guarantee yourself that second date. When deciding what to wear, always consider where he is taking you – you want to look stunning but you don’t want to feel over dressed for the environment. Feeling overdone could end up making you feel uncomfortable and he will pick up on this!

What you wear needs to send the ‘wow factor’ signal no matter what, and this is easy to achieve by accentuating your best features. This doesn’t need to be your best dress – you can go sexy and casual with pair of hot pants, as showing off your legs can a big tease.

Tailor your make up to your outfit. Remember, if you’re going for the more casual look, your make up doesn’t want to look like you wish you were going clubbing. Wear colours that suit you – perhaps choose colour eye shadow that matches your eyes, as this will highlight your features and catch his attention as soon as he looks at you.

During the date

Make it obvious you want to be there, without coming across as desperate of course! Relax and smile! You don’t need to laugh loudly at all his jokes, or compliment everything he says – subtlety is the key to making him know you are enjoying yourself without looking like you’re faking it. Pay him compliments when he tells you something or does something that is worthy – don’t just throw them at him just because you can. Taking this approach will show that you are genuinely listening to him.

Don’t always talk about yourself, either. Even if he keeps the conversation focused on you, try and keep topics neutral so you both get a say. Asking questions about his interests to find things you have in common will spur discussions, rather that you taking it in turns to talk about yourselves. This will make for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Flirt, but don’t flirt outrageously. There’s a fine line between just flirting and giving the wrong signals about what you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to make it clear that you’re interested, but just think of it as a two way game – if you flirt a little, wait for him to flirt back. He might not straight away, but if you keep prompting him rather than swamping him, he’ll know that you like him.

There are many ways you can end your date and from here on out the ball is in your court. By considering all these contributors, you’re sure to give him all the right signals. You’ll not only give him the confidence to ask you on your second date, you’ll be all he can think about!

Have a back-up plan!

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