Getting your confidence back after any break up can be a slow and delicate matter. Everyone needs a little time to feel down and insecure about themselves, that’s normal, but it can’t go on forever! Once you’ve had your fill of PJ’s and chocolate and you want to feel like you again, getting back to yourself can be as simple if you know what you’re doing.

You have to look good to feel good

If you don’t think you look good, how are you ever going to feel good about yourself? You need a little pampering! For starters, a girly evening is on the tables. Get yourself a face mask, run yourself a nice long bath, either have a relaxing evening alone or invite some friends round crack open some wine while doing your nails.

Do something that gets you noticed by friends and colleagues. Getting comments like “your hair looks nice” will really boost your confidence, so why not make a change with a new hair style or hair colour, as well as some new makeup to change things up a bit. This can make you feel like a completely new person.

Shopping is the best kind of therapy they say… So get out there and go shopping! Buy yourself a nice new pair of heels, some new outfits to wear at work, or a nice new dress to go out in! All these things will get you noticed, and not just by your friends this time!

Build your confidence up by getting out there and meet some new people! Nothing builds your confidence like getting some new attention, whether you’re just interested in a rebound with no strings attached, or just participating in some outrageous flirting, you never know just who you’ll meet, and if nothing else it’ll be fun! What have you got to lose!

All these things can help you build back up your lost confidence in yourself, and lots more I’m sure! Just remember, making yourself feel attractive, however you can, will do you nothing but good.

You need to feel sexy and wanted again, this doesn’t mean you have to be ready to jump head first into another serious relationship; be selfish for once, if you want to flirt your way into some free drinks or have an evening of no strings attatched fun with London escorts, do it! Getting back to feeling happy with yourself alone is the first step to moving on to better things!