Planning a Sex Life Overhaul

If your sex life is feeling a little stale, then why not draw up a list of what you want to explore in the bedroom next year?

The end of the year is fast approaching and for many of us, that means one thing – New Year’s resolutions. The idea of turning over a new leaf in January is hardly a new one, but we want to propose something a little different. No joining a gym or trying a juice diet until you cave in and eat a month’s worth of chocolate in one afternoon. Definitely not. Our plan is for you to put together a sexy resolution list. Instead of depriving yourself through January and beyond, we want to you to satisfy every single sexual desire you have. Interested? Yeah, we thought so.

Re-connecting with your partner

There’s plenty of good reasons to put together a list of sex-related New Year’s resolutions – but we think that getting closer to your partner has to be the most compelling. At some point in every relationship, sex starts to lack the excitement and passion it first had. By drawing up a list of resolutions however, you’ll be able to reconnect and find out more about what the other wants in bed. Whether it’s something new or just something that you don’t do any more, writing it down and making a commitment to doing it can totally reinvigorate your sex life.

Getting what you want when it comes to sex

Like we just said, this is the perfect opportunity to get what you want in the bedroom. By sharing your desires and wishes for the New Year with your partner, you’ll be letting them know what you want in no uncertain terms. Maybe it’s more foreplay, trying out new sex toys or spending more time on oral – what you want goes on the list! There’s nothing sexier than confidence, so having the chance to be assertive and demand something will have a great effect on you and your partner. In fact, you might not even finish writing the list before you pounce on each other!

You’ll probably keep these resolutions

Unlike many New Year’s resolutions, there’s a high chance you’ll keep these ones. After all, when your enjoy something, you stick to it. If you’re having more sex, it’s good for you too, what with all of that calorie burning and releasing of endorphins. Your confidence will improve the better your sex life gets too. If you are feeling healthier in both mind and body, who knows where life could take you?

Make great sex a priority this year

Keeping the promises you make to yourself as midnight approaches on December 31st can be a struggle. However, when there’s someone else involved, you just don’t want to let them down. Great sex is very much a team effort and the more you communicate, the better you’ll get on between the sheets. So stop what you’re doing and grab a pen and paper. Find your partner and tell them that next year, great sex won’t just be saved for special occasions. Start off with ten suggestions each and see where your imagination takes you! Remember, only the two of you are going to see this list, so be as filthy and uninhibited as you like. Oh, and one more thing from us – all the best for 2015. We hope it’s a good one!