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We all want to do our research before we buy a sex toy – and review blogs are a great way of finding out if a toy is for you.

For most people, the time they spend together with their sex toys is purely for pleasure. They use them to enrich their love life and that’s that. For some people though, sex toys are part of their career. Yes, we’re talking about sex toy testers. They’re the people who try out products and then tell the manufacturers and public all they need to know. What works, what doesn’t and how highly they rate it amongst others. So whose reviews should you be reading?

Cara Sutra

Perhaps one of the most popular sex toy reviewers is Cara Sutra. Her blog began as a place where she reviewed sex toys and posted journal entries. Her online presence has grown a lot since then – now encompassing opinion pieces, fetish and BDSM advice guides and articles for established industry names. Her reviews still remain at the heart of her blog, and it’s her wickedly honest style that draws readers in. She reviews a great deal of bondage and kinky sex toys – so head to her blog if that’s your thing!

Dangerous Lilly

If it’s detailed information and educational content that you’re after, then take a look at Dangerous Lilly’s website. What started off as a personal blog has turned into a valuable resource for people looking to buy a sex toy. Lilly is passionate about not only giving honest and deeply personal reviews, but also debunking myths and ensuring that readers are well-informed about the toys that they’re using and buying. There’s a huge selection of posts to choose from – so set aside an afternoon to read and learn!

Naughty Reenie

A relative newcomer to the review scene, Naughty Reenie is one of the most informative and enjoyable blogs out there. Her readers love her brutally honest style, and she certainly pulls no punches when she gives you the low down on the latest sex toys. She’s opinionated but takes the time to explain her views on the toys fully – and that’s why her readers trust her opinion so much. Her special offers page is great if you’re looking for a bargain as well.

Gritty Woman

Last but not least is Gritty Woman. She’s used her past experiences to inform her readers about what works and what doesn’t in the bedroom – in the hope that they can learn from both her mistakes and success stories. She tests and reviews a wide range of sex toys, and her write-ups are always incredibly detailed – just what shoppers need to know. She has categories for men’s and couple’s toys too, so it’s perfect for getting some inspiration if you want to introduce sex toys to the special man in your life.

Get reading!

Buying sex toys is really easy now too, thanks to the Internet. There is no need to go into a high street shop, instead you can have your toys delivered discretely from one of the many adult sex toy shops that now also operate online.

It’s always important to do your research before buying a sex toy. The best place to do this is often by visiting the kind of blogs we’ve talked about. You’ll get unbiased reviews that break down what does and doesn’t work about a toy. After all, the women writing these reviews are just like you. As you become more experienced with toys, you may even fancy writing a few reviews of your own!