From Butt Plugs to Bondage: This Year’s Hottest Buys

Valentine’s Day is when most people decide to spice up their love life. So what were they buying this February?

Most of us decide to make an effort when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Whether that’s by going out for a romantic meal, buying some fancy underwear or treating each other to some new sex toys; there’s no denying that the 14th of February is the perfect time to kick start your love life. So what toys were flying off of the shelves this year? After all, it’s never too late to snap some up for yourself!

We Vibe 4 Plus Vibrator

If you’re new to remote controlled toys, then the We Vibe 4 Plus Vibrator is the perfect introduction. The sturdy silicone means that it’s durable, and paired with some water based lube, really comfortable to use. The remote control means that even though she’s using the toy, he can be in control of her pleasure with an array of vibration settings. What’s more, it can be controlled via an app too! So whether you’re in the same room or different continents, this toy certainly hits the spot. It’s no wonder it was a top buy this February!

NookiiToy Slap & Tickle Kit

Plenty of couple’s Valentine’s celebrations have a decidedly Fifty Shades of Grey flavour. So when bondage kits began to fly off of the shelves, no one was surprised. One of the best-selling kits was the NookiiToy Slap & Tickle set. Featuring wrist and ankle restraints, a blindfold, instruction cards, a feather tickler and even a ‘do not disturb’ sign for the door, it’s got everything you need for a naughty evening or weekend.

Power Butt Plug

For many couples, Valentine’s Day means trying something new in the bedroom. For those who are new to anal play, the Power Butt Plug with Remote Control is a great little investment. It can be used by either partner, while the wireless remote control allows the other one to set the pace. For a small toy it packs a pretty big punch, with some seriously powerful vibrations. It’s no wonder it’s been flying off of the shelves!

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

If you’re looking for a little treat for your partner, then take some inspiration from Valentine’s shoppers and pick up a pair of nipple clamps. If you’ve never used clamps before, then the Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps are perfect. Fully adjustable and made from gentle but durable silicone, they’re comfortable to wear and really easy to get to grips with. Don’t underestimate how powerful they are though! After all, the best things can sometimes come in the smallest packages.

House of Eros Flogger

Last but not least is a real Valentine’s favourite. If your partner has been a little bit naughty this year, then dish out the best kind of discipline with the House of Eros Flogger. With soft, supple tassels that can be used as harshly or as gently as you like, it’s the perfect introduction to pain play. The strong wooden handle makes it a toy that’s built to last too. It’ll certainly see you through a few more years of use if you decide to pick it up.

Which One Tickles Your Fancy?

So there you have it – this year’s most popular sex toys. Like we said at the start, Valentine’s Day is a great time to experiment in the bedroom, and these popular purchases prove that when it comes to sex, we’ve really pushed the boat out this year. So whether you’re looking for a birthday present or just a random gift, then taking some inspiration from these February trends will serve you well – and earn you some serious kudos from your partner.