If you and your partner are considering making your very own private sex tape there are only a few basic points to consider to make it a complete success, follow these steps and you’ll make a great sex tape that is as enjoyable to make as it is to watch.



Having a rough plan before hand is really important, but remember not to go into too much detail, otherwise it will feel more like a script and will distract you from the moment. It is important to discuss what you want to do beforehand too, especially if one partner isn’t keen on some of the suggestions. Don’t be too adventurous, keep to positions that you know and like so that nothing goes wrong that could ruin the mood, feeling comfortable is the key to acting natural on tape.

Make sure you include discussing where the best place is in the room for you to place the camera compared to where you are going to be so that on the day you can relax and forget it’s even there, without missing anything!



Lighting can make a real difference to both you and the camera, so making sure the lighting’s right is really important, and getting it wrong can be a real mood killer. Not only is lighting important for the camera, but it can really make a difference in how comfortable you feel at the time. Natural light will always be the best for both camera and not making you feel like you’re under a spotlight however it’s generally not convenient to plan making your own sex tape in for the middle of the day. Alternatively a soft yellowish light would be the next best thing, not only is it a good light for the camera, but it is a comfortable light that makes you feel more at ease, as well as being quite flattering to your body when on camera, making your skin appear smoother and reduce the appearance of blemishes and cellulite.



On the night don’t jump too quickly into the tape part, start by creating the right mood that will make the camera disappear in your mind. Getting each other in the right mood with foreplay will definitely help keep your mind off the camera. Include teasing each other to make the atmosphere electric which will not only help you to relax and forget the camera, but will look great when you’re watching it!


If you’re feeling a little shy about it, try watching it back straight away rather than avoiding it, as you will feel much more confident and sexy straight after. Remember there is only one way to keep a sex tape private, once you’ve watched it delete it.