What a Man Really Loves in a Woman

Keeping a man on his toes is something that we girls have been doing for years! Our fun guide is made up of ten things that your man won’t be able to get enough of.

In the escort industry, getting a man hooked is part of the job! So trust us when we say that we know what works (and what doesn’t!). Making a man crazy about you is often building on what you can already offer him, with something exciting thrown into the works every now and again.

Leave him wanting more

Never giving your man what he wants straight away is the most effective way of keeping him hooked. Leaving the promise of fulfilling his every desire dangling in front of him will reel him in time and time again. Just remember to give him what he wants eventually!

Eye contact

There’s nothing more sexually charged than a come-hither stare. Men love being looked at like they are the only person in the world, and showing them just how much you want them is a great way of keeping him interested.


A confident woman is high on every man’s list of desires. Showing him that you are comfortable and content in your own skin is one of the biggest turn-ons ever. So be proud of your body, but don’t let it turn into arrogance. That is most certainly not sexy.

Be surprising

A little bit of unpredictability can always keep things fresh. Whether it is in or out of the bedroom, switching things up a little can work wonders.


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Take the lead

Showing him that you are the one in charge tonight is certainly going to make him crazy for you. Don’t be afraid to initiate or dominate during sex, if it’s something that you are both comfortable with then he will certainly be coming back for more!

Have a sense of humour

Working as escorts, we know that not every encounter goes exactly as planned. Whether it’s a premature finish or failure to launch, it’s always good to have a sense of humour about these things. Never let your attitude descend into mockery, but just gently let your man know that there are far bigger things to worry about. Your ability to see the best in every situation will keep him interested for a long time.

Show some interest

Always show a keen interest in his life. Ask about his job, friends, hobbies – just let him know that you are genuinely interested in and care about his world. It’s always nice to feel cared for and appreciated, and you showing an interest in his life will make him feel happy and secure.

Look great

We’d be lying if looks didn’t come into it somewhere. Men like a woman who takes pride in her appearance, so take the time to make sure that your hair, body and makeup are all in tip-top condition.

Dress well

Showing off your fantastic figure in a stunning outfit is a sure-fire way to make him crazy about you (if he wasn’t already!). Figure out what suits you, and never underestimate the power of some high heels and a little black dress.

Be yourself

At the end of the day though, none of the above really matter if you aren’t being yourself. Your man wants you because of who you are, and continuing to act that way will ensure that he remains yours for a long time to come.

Now that you’re well versed in how to make a man crazy for you and keep it that way, there’s no reason why men shouldn’t be falling at your feet. The ten above tips are a great starting point, but if there is something that isn’t on the list that your man loves, don’t be afraid to mix that in too! Your man will soon be wrapped around your little finger, exactly where you want him!