Sex and the sex culture has evolved massively since the 1990s. In the last 20 years, the sex industry has branched out onto various platforms, with the ability to be accessed at any time and any place. The most noticeable changes in the industry are sex chat, online dating, streaming porn and sex toys.


Sex chat

The sex chat industry is one of the biggest additions to the sex culture we are accustomed to. It is a virtual sex encounter where two or people connect remotely, over the phone or on a computer, and send each other sexually explicit messages describing an array of sexual experiences and often includes real life masturbation.

One sex chat doesn’t fit all however! You can now find someone in a particular category, be it college girls, BBW or transvestite to chat to. Why not spend time with real life escorts in Essex?

Free online streaming porn

This has been the biggest transformation in the world of sex culture. Not only do we have porn sites, but there are live, free online streaming porn sites that are watched by millions of people a day. There are of course still professionals in the industry, but many “normal” people are now recording themselves online having fun and receiving thousands of views just for doing so. The use of free online streamed porn does mean however that people are struggling with “real life” sex.

Online dating

When went digital in 1994, only 5% of Americans had internet access. Twenty years later, 5% of Americans say that they met their other half online. Online dating has now evolved into the touch of a button, with apps like Tinder and Grindr doing the searching for you. There are dozens of online dating apps in the industry now for specific likes and interests – there’s even an app called Cuddlr for those who don’t want sex – just a snuggle!

Sex toys came out

Sex toys have been in the industry since the late 19th century, originally made as medical instruments for pain relief… Nowadays, sex toys are a much less taboo subject. Retailers such as Love Honey, Ann Summers and Bondara are the leading retailers in sex toys, and frequently advertise online and on TV after watershed.