How to Reconcile Your Desires and Your Personal Beliefs

It’s hard to surrender yourself in the bedroom if you think that it goes against your morals, so we’re here to help.

Most modern women would say that they are feminists. Equal rights are a hot issue now more than ever – with Harry Potter star turned social justice campaigner Emma Watson’s speech making waves recently. Her passionate views on gender equality made us fall in love with the girl who played Hermione Granger all over again, with men and women alike declaring themselves feminists. We’ve been thinking though – how do these gender politics interfere with sexual politics? Can a woman who sees herself as equal to a man then surrender control in the bedroom and enjoy being dominated? If you feel as if your feminist beliefs and sexual desires are irreconcilable, make this the one thing you read today.

What is feminism?

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight about feminism. It’s the notion (still radical to some!) that men and women should be equal in all areas of life. We girls should get paid the same, have the same legal rights and be offered the same amount of space in society as men. It’s not a game of one-upmanship or man hating – just for both genders to be the same. It’s exactly the same when it comes to the bedroom. We should all be allowed to express our desires and sexuality in the same way, so if one of you likes getting spanked, great! Feminism means that there are no differences between the sexes, so it shouldn’t make a difference if you, a woman, craves submission in the bedroom rather than your man.

How you go about it is what makes the difference. As it happens, many escorts are happy to play the role of submissive and they also thoroughly enjoy a good spanking from a male client! For men who want to know how it feels to spank a sexy woman, we hear that there are some very naughty escort in Barcelona that will be more than happy to oblige.

Having great sex is empowering

Part of female empowerment means being unafraid of asking for what you want. A woman’s right to do what she wants with her body is especially crucial in the bedroom, which is why safe, sane and consensual are your three magic words. As long as the sex you are having is all on your terms and your partner is aware of your limits – then submission can be a really fulfilling part of that. Safe words and other signals are essential, so that you are always in control of what’s happening. In other words – as long as you’re calling the shots, you’re still a feminist!

Women all over the world crave a bit of submission!

Women’s consumption of media shows us how in charge they are when it comes to their desire for submission. Fifty Shades of Grey made wanting to be spanked and tied up mainstream and it’s often women who are urging their partners to take that leap! By doing this, us ladies are showing that yes, we may want to let our man take charge in the bedroom – but we’re the ones suggesting in the first place!

If you’re calling the shots, it’s fine

You can still disagree with things like Page 3 that objectify women but as long as your own sex life is leaving you feeling empowered rather than exploited, it’s fine to want to be a sub rather than a dom. Your personal views and morals can be left at the bedroom door if that’s what makes you happy and that’s what makes feminism so vital in the bedroom. Having the courage to ask for what you want and doing it in the way that you want is something that’s been denied to women until surprisingly recently – so make the most of it now!