Which One Should You Use?

With pop-up brothels on the rise, have escort agencies had their day? Not just yet!

You may or may not have heard of them, but the number of pop-up brothels is on the rise. So why are so many escorts taking to the road? It’s down to a number of complex factors, all of which we’ll delve into here. Plus, we’ll look at whether it’s better to visit a pop-up brothel or stick to an escort agency you know and love.

About pop-up brothels

Pop-up brothels are places where sex workers set up a temporary base to work from. Many work in London, and use short-term stays in other parts of the country to expand their client base. These temporary bases are often in Airbnb properties. A group of escorts will club together and rent a property, and then social media to attract clients. They say that not being in one place for long offers them great safety, and that renting a property along with other escorts is really cost-effective.

Escort agencies

Escort agencies are a much different operation. They are based in a more permanent location, and they are advertised much more openly. A larger group of girls will be working together at an agency, as opposed to the few you’d get running a pop-up brothel for the weekend. Escorts will be driven to their appointments at clients’ homes or London hotels when they are available, and will have access to an already established client base. So for those who don’t want to work on their own but still want stability and flexibility, they are the obvious choice.

The laws are the problem

The laws surrounding sex work in the UK are complex, but the rise of pop-up brothels show that escorts don’t feel protected by the ones that are currently in place. Many sex workers who carry out their jobs independently feel that moving around regularly will protect them against the rare clients who can’t be trusted. The fact that escorts have to move around to avoid bad clients rather than report them to the authorities speaks volumes.  It will also stop them being reported by neighbours and getting caught in the act by police too. Like we said, the laws are complex – and solo sex workers don’t feel comfortable hanging around to find out more.

Agencies the better option for clients

So which one should you choose? In terms of choice, you just can’t beat an London Escort Agency. Babes of London are regarded as one of the best in town, and they have a great selection of girls on their books – certainly more than you’d find at a pop-up brothel. You’ll also get to build a great relationship with the agency, who will come to know what it is that you’re looking for each time you call. You just wouldn’t get that at a place that’s not even going to be there next time. A great agency will also only employ girls who are over 18 and legally allowed to work in the country. So you can book with peace of mind.

Treat yourself tonight

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