Why Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better!

There are thousands of sex toys on the market today, with smaller ones offering discretion and portability. So which ones are the best?

People have enjoyed using vibrators for years, but sometimes carrying a seven-inch sex toy around in your handbag just isn’t practical. There’s no need to worry though, as vibrators don’t have to be large to pack a punch. So what vibrators cut down on size without cutting down on performance? Well, we’ve compiled a list of our five favourites – all small but incredibly powerful.


The Amore by Nalone is a perfect toy if you want something that will fit into your bag. A metallic bullet vibrator, it delivers amazing sensations with pinpoint accuracy – thanks to its torpedo shaped tip. It’s really easy to use too, with a single button giving you control over ten different settings. Versatile and gimmick free, this is a toy for the woman that craves simplicity and quality.


Another small yet powerful toy from Nalone is the Curve. It’s different from a typical small vibrator in that it isn’t a bullet. It’s designed to sit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to move with the rhythm of your body in a different way to other toys. It also allows you to craft your very own vibration pattern, so it’s perfect if you want a sex toy that is anything but standard.

Love Egg

If neither of the above sounded like something you would like to use, the Love Egg by Dibe might be exactly the right thing for you. The egg is small enough to be used internally without any discomfort, but thanks to its powerful vibration, delivers amazing sensations at the touch of a button. Like the other toys on our list, it’s small enough to slip into your handbag and take anywhere.

Tongue Vibe

Small and powerful, the Easy Love Tongue vibe is a step up from smaller bullet vibrators, but is still small enough to pop into a bag and be used anywhere. This toy gets its name from the unique tongue like design, mimicking the feel of oral sex coupled with those amazing sensations only a battery-operated toy can give! It’s rechargeable too, meaning that it can keep going for as long as you want it to!


Finally, the last toy on our list. The Miu-Miu is a deliciously playful piece of kit, with its rechargeable battery and the ability to hand over the reins to your partner (it comes with a remote control that works up to ten metres away!). These little Kegal balls are connected by a cord, making for insertion and removal that is as easy as it is pleasurable. With that all important powerful vibration too, what more could you want?

Treat yourself

It doesn’t matter if you are using a toy by yourself or with your partner, they can add a great new dimension to your love life. A smaller toy is ideal for popping into your suitcase or overnight bag, making holidays a lot more interesting! Plus, a discreet toy means no embarrassment at the security desk! So go for a petite toy today! After all, downsizing certainly doesn’t mean down grading!