Tinder escort

(for illustrative purposes only, not an escort I met)

Last weekend I was chatting with one of my oldest single friends and he mentioned his surprising Tinder experience – and that he had started “dating” escorts through Tinder! I asked him why (I’d never imagine him doing such a thing!) and the answer was simple and honest – you get what you want with no strings attached, and they never say no! I wanted to know more, and he suggested writing this week’s blog post for me, so below is his account of using Tinder to meet escorts. He asked not to be named, to protect his privacy!

A Thamesmead Tinder Experiment

Signing up to Tinder was a step into the unknown for me – and I ended up trying something I’d never considered before.

Being single in the 21st century isn’t exactly straightforward. There’s a million different ways to go about losing your singleton status, from speed dating to online dating and plenty in between. After I’d been single for a few months and supermodels weren’t banging down my front door (surprising, that!) I knew that I had to step outside of my comfort zone a little. So I decided to do some research on what the most successful method of meeting someone would be. What did I find out? I found out that Tinder looked as if it could be the answer to my prayers. The big benefit of Tinder is that women are more likely to be looking for a bit of fun than a long-term relationship. Perfect!

Getting to grips with modern dating

I’d never used Tinder or any other dating app before. I’d been in a relationship for quite a while, so I didn’t need to. The dating scene was totally different to the one I remembered, and I knew that I had to get to grips with Tinder pretty quickly to avoid being left in the romantic wilderness. So I asked a few of my mates to give me a crash course – and after a bit of ribbing at my expense, they were happy to help me out. A couple of pints later, and I was up and running. So far, so good.

Swiping left, swiping right

Over the next couple of days, I browsed through some of the girls in Thamesmead and struck up a few conversations. I knew that I wasn’t looking for anything serious and that all I wanted was to just have fun with someone for a few hours. I met up with my first Tinder date a week after signing up and we had a great night. It seemed perfect so far – a lot of the girls I was speaking to were pretty upfront about what they wanted too.

A surprise

One night, I struck up a conversation with a really gorgeous girl. Everything was going well, and then she told me she was an escort, which, in my mind is a polite way of saying, well, you know! I was floored at first, but I decided to carry on talking to her and see if anyone else had had a similar experience. It turns out that a lot of escorts use Tinder to arrange dates. One of my mates had even been on one! I was a little unsure at first, so I carried on looking at the ladies in my area. I started to notice that a few of the ones I was talking to were also escorts – and I began to think that seeing one might be a good idea. So I bit the bullet and hired a Thamesmead escort direct.

There’s a first time for everything

We arranged to meet at a local bar, and I was pretty nervous. I’d never hired an escort before, after all. When she turned up though, all those worries disappeared. She was a real stunner – blonde and curvy with a gorgeous smile. We really hit it off, and enjoyed a few drinks before heading back to mine for a little while. She really paid attention to what I wanted from the date, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that evening was an unforgettable one.

Just go for it!

So what wound I say to a man in the same position as me? If your dream woman on Tinder turns out to be an escort, don’t be put off! If you’re looking for some no-strings fun, an escort is a great option. You can enjoy a great night together, and at the end you go your separate ways on great terms. It’s hard to think of a better arrangement for a man who’s playing the field. I’ll certainly be booking my next date sooner rather than later. And, if you want to meet up again for more fun, they almost always say yes!