How to Ensure that Your Intimate Massages Are the Best

Giving your partner a massage may seem easy enough, but there are things to bear in mind if you want to make it an extra special experience. Here are some tips and tricks to use!

Giving your partner a massage is an incredibly erotic and sensual way of relaxing and getting to know their body. You may not know where to start, or feel that the massage you give your partner could be improved upon. With this guide to giving an incredible massage, you will never have any doubt in your technique again.

Create the right mood:

When you are preparing to give your partner a great massage, it’s important to set the scene. Tidy up, getting rid of any clutter or mess that would distract from the oasis of calm you are trying to create. Light some candles or incense too, to create a relaxed atmosphere. Finally, dim the lights and play some soft, relaxing music to help both of you get into the mood. You’ll be surprised at how much your surroundings affect your mood, and when you are giving your partner a massage, you want to be sure that where you are is enhancing the experience, not detracting from it.

Use a good massage oil:

Before you get started, look around to find a massage oil that you and your partner both like. There are a huge variety of massage oils available, with each one offering its own distinct benefits. When you have decided on a base oil, such as almond or grape-seed, consider adding an aromatherapy ‘essential’ oil to it. These oils are extremely concentrated and should always be mixed with a base oil. Essential oils such as tea tree and lavender provide a wonderful aroma alongside their health benefits, and other oils like ylang ylang and eucalyptus help to relax and heal muscles.

Time is of the essence:

Once you and your partner are ready to relax, ensure that you will be uninterrupted. Clear both of your schedules for a few hours, only answer your phones if it really is essential, and ignore the doorbell if it rings! Once you and your partner are settled down, begin the massage slowly. Using gentle touches, let your partner relax beneath your hands. Spend time focusing on individual parts of the body, and let the tension leave their muscles completely before continuing on to the next part of their body.

Discover what they like:

During the massage, you will find the places where your partner enjoys being touched the most. Whether your partner tells you, or if the sounds they make and their body language change to let you know that you’re on to something good – redouble your efforts. Focusing special attention on areas that are especially sensitive lets your partner know that you are entirely focused on their pleasure, and will make the experience even more sensual for them.

Communicate with your partner:

Letting your partner know that you are enjoying doing this for them will make the experience all the more pleasurable for them. Ask them what they would like you to do next, or ask them where they would like you to touch them. This will reinforce the idea that this massage is all about them, and you are there to make them feel as special as possible.

Time to enjoy yourselves:

Now you know how to make a massage an out of this world experience for your partner, there’s no stopping you. By remembering the tips and tricks you’ve learnt, your partner will soon be asking you to give them a massage every night. You never know, they might have picked up some skills to try out on you – alternatively why not bring your partner along to a tantric massage london?