Ever wanted to know what goes into being an escort? Well, here’s everything you need to know!

If someone doesn’t know much about the profession, they may have some misconceptions or a lack of knowledge about what a high class London escort gets up to. Let’s clear that up then, shall we? When you’re working as an escort, no two days are the same. One appointment could see you spending an evening at one of the city’s best restaurants with a client, the next relaxing with another gentleman in his five-star hotel suite. Working as an escort takes a lot of enthusiasm and different skills – and you’re about to get a sneak peek at how she puts all of that to good use!

Respecting the client’s wishes

It’s always up to the client how a date begins. That means that a good escort has to be adaptable and open-minded. A gentleman can want a variety of different things from his time with an escort. Some are looking for simple companionship, and will ask an escort to accompany them to dinner or the theatre. Some want to party, and need a gorgeous woman to dance the night away with at a hot London club. Others are looking to put the stresses of their busy careers to one side, and book a hotel room where an escort can take care of their most intimate needs.

Making herself look the part

A big part of an escort’s day is making herself look as gorgeous as possible for her client. Being one of the hottest escorts in Canary Wharf means taking a lot of pride in your appearance, as there are plenty of other gorgeous girls in the capital looking to make it to the top. Clients often request that their escort wears something particular for their date, such as a little black dress or some risqué matching lace underwear. An escort knows that her body is key to her success, so she’ll spend hours before a date making sure she looks incredible in a sexy outfit (and just as good out of it too).

Remaining discreet and professional

Canary Wharf is an area that’s full of businessmen, so chances are that’s who an escort will be meeting up with for an evening of fun. If her client is a highly successful career man, then he is going to want discretion and professionalism above all else. So any escort will be focused on arriving for her date without attracting any attention to herself, and she’ll be willing to go along with any cover stories a client may come up with. So she needs to be prepared to think on her feet, and always have her client’s comfort at the forefront of her mind.

All the hard work is worth it

As you can see, a day in the life of an escort is far from just turning up to a date and looking pretty! A truly outstanding escort will spend hours making herself look gorgeous beforehand, will be prepared for any kind of date, and during that date will be constantly putting her client first. That’s a lot of work! With each date being different from the last though, it’s certainly one of the most exciting jobs to have.