Tips For A Stress-Free Dating Experience

A first date is one of those things that make us all nervous, so here are some failsafe tips to help it go smoothly.

Going on a date with someone for the first time can be an intimidating experience. From worrying about what you are going to wear to what you are going to talk about, there are some anxieties that just keep coming back again and again. The good news? Those little worries are perfectly normal. We all have them! Even better news? We’re going to share seven of our date preparation tips with you, so that when the time comes, you’re relaxed, looking great and ready to have some serious fun!

Where to go?

The first question that comes to mind when planning a date is, where shall you go? Thinking of somewhere fun to go that’s going to please both of you can seem pretty difficult, so why not look up what’s going on in your area? There will be plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants in your town, or even something different, like a cookery class, drink and draw night or a pub quiz.

Let others know what you’re up to

It’s important to let your friends know where you are going if you’re seeing your date alone, especially if it’s the first time that you’re meeting them. Establish a ‘check in’ time, when you’ll send them an update on what’s going on. That way, you won’t be disturbed if you decide to make a night of it!

Plan your outfit

Think about your outfit carefully. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, then a sleek dress and skyscraper heels are perfect. If you’re going to a pub on a Sunday afternoon though, you might want to go for something a little more casual. Plan and lay out your clothes the night before, so there’s no last minute wardrobe crisis!

Pamper yourself

Kick-start your beauty regime as far in advance as possible. Face masks and exfoliating gels are a godsend for those who suffer from stress blemishes, and fake tan is a great way of faking that summer glow. Go for natural make-up on the big day – you don’t want to scare anyone off!

Don’t overdo it on the booze!

Don’t drink too much! It’s all too tempting to down half a bottle of wine before a date to calm those nerves, but not being able to stand up isn’t going to impress anyone. A cheeky G&T is fine, but save yourself for the main event.

Be prepared

Be prepared for any eventuality. Yes, we’re going to talk about safe sex. If you really hit it off, there’s no harm in taking things further – but just make sure that you’re taking all the right precautions. You can stop off a chemist or supermarket the day before and pick up everything you need.

It’s not the end of the world if it’s a flop

Last but not least, remember that it’s only a date. If things go pear-shaped or you just don’t hit it off, the only thing that’s going to be hurt is your pride. As long as you act like yourself and take note of all our advice, we can’t see anything going too wrong.

You’re ready to wow that special someone!

So there you have it, the complete pre-date panic busting guide. There’s no right or wrong way to kick off a relationship with someone, but a great first date will make for a wonderful memory of how you fell in love with each other. So if there’s someone you’ve got in mind, go for it!


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