The Charms of an Older Woman Explained

Older women are alluring and intriguing – and it seems like men just can’t get enough of them.

It’s no secret that some men just cannot resist the charms of a mature lady. For many years, the allure of the older woman has been something that both men and women alike have tried to understand. Many ladies approaching middle age are made to feel like their time is up when it comes to romance – but men just can’t get enough of a woman in the prime of her life. So what is it about an older lady that drives young men wild?


Assertiveness is something that makes a woman really attractive. Years of work, relationships and sex have made the mature woman surer of what she wants, and she won’t be afraid of asking for it. This self-assurance turns younger men into putty in her hands, and they’ll grant her every wish!


Older women have lived through the insecure years of their teens and twenties. The result? A confidence in their appearance that younger women often don’t have. When it comes to undressing in front of a lover, a mature lady has long let go of those body hang-ups – meaning that the lights are definitely on, not off, in the bedroom!


An older woman is often much more independent, both emotionally and financially. She’s had enough time to become financially secure, which reassures men that they won’t always have to foot the bill! Additionally, she’s become tougher and thicker skinned over time, leaving her less emotionally dependent on a man.


A good sense of style takes years to develop. Older women are renowned for their sophistication, and have learnt what works for their body and what doesn’t. You’re less likely to see a mature woman buying into fashion fads – instead, you find that she dresses with a classic elegance.


Older women are often more experienced in the bedroom. They’ve learnt all kinds of tricks over the years, and know how to expertly push a man’s buttons. When you combine this with their body confidence, you’ll find that they are much more adventurous and keen to try new things. Plus, women reach their sexual peak at around thirty-five years of age. Oh la la!

Better conversation

A mature woman means better conversation. Why? Well, they’ve lived through much more than their younger counterparts, so they are full of witty anecdotes, good advice and well-developed opinions. There’s no need to worry about awkward and lengthy silences when your partner has so much to talk about.


Finally, a man can find some stability with an older woman. They’ve had years to play the field and mess men around, so now that they’re more settled, they’ve found a stability in life too. You’ll never be wondering where you are with an older woman – she’ll be clear about what your relationship means to her from the start.

Women just keep getting better with age!

Looking at these reasons, it’s no wonder that younger men all over the world just can’t get enough of a more mature lady. Beautiful, intelligent and confident, these older women can easily give their younger counterparts a run for their money – if not completely outshine them altogether!