Hen parties are a common occurrence at the weekend when you’re trawling through potential pubs to visit. Whether you’ve been to one or you’re planning one in the works, it can get pretty exciting; figuring out what to wear, where to go and what sort of hijinks you’re going to get up to with your best girls, but it is important to have some idea of what you need to take with you.

As every Hen Party is different, of course you want to tailor the situation to fit your needs, but we’ve come up with a fairly simple checklist of 6 essential ‘items’ that every hen party needs.

1. Loud and (if needs be) Obnoxious Whistles

Helping you find your friends in the fray or just for annoying passers-by, whistles are a great way to keep the fun going. Whistles come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs so you can grab some really funny ones for your hen party if you’re lucky! Whistles are also extremely useful if you are in a large or crowded space and you need to locate your hens in an emergency.

2. A Dress Code

While the pink hats are considered to be canonical when it comes to the hen night, perhaps choosing your own unique dress code might be a little more fun. That isn’t to say that the pink cowboy hats are unwelcome, but why not try something more different, more, you? Having a dress code is all about appealing to your inner child. Get dressed up, wear a silly hat or a silly wig and have some fun on the last night of your single life!

3. A Special Gift for the Bride-to-be

This can be anything from a heartfelt gift given by all the hens and bridesmaids alike, to a round of drinks to a cheeky butler to keep your bride-to-be entertained. While it is currently all about her this evening, presents and surprises like a sexy butler to wait on her all night are little extra details that can make big differences when it comes to re-living good memories. Another time in another place, you may be organising your own hen night, but for now it is all about that special friend. Why not surprise her with a thoughtful gift that she didn’t expect?

4. Selfie Sticks or Go Pro Cameras

Although selfie sticks are somewhat frowned upon in the adult world, it is important that you document at least half of your hen night for all future relations to see. Throw your cares out the window and get a great way to record your hen party, after all you might not end up sharing the photos with the world, but at least you have them to share. It is better to have some sort of memento of the day than to rely on memories and have a few choice laughs or encounters slip away because you can’t quite remember who said what to who.

5. (A minimum 5) of your Best Friends

This is a given but it still can be taken for granted. Some people might want to just go for a meal or go to the movies with one or two friends for their hen night. Something low-key and subtle to celebrate. However this may be one of the only nights you can go stark-raving bonkers so why not make the most of it? Grab 5 of your best friends and paint the town. Try to keep it to a reasonably even number, so that you have plenty of inspiration for potential things you can do, without having to worry about keeping tabs on 15 other friends while you are out having a good time. Remember, everything in moderation!

6. A Back-up Plan

Even when everyone has turned up on time, their costumes are on point and the purses are full to brimming ready to be spent on drinks aplenty for the evening, sometimes not everything goes exactly to plan. If things don’t work out, a back-up plan of some sorts is always useful. Even if it’s another bar or pub you are thinking of going to, or being able to crash at a friend’s house if you’ve missed the last train home. Nobody will think any less of you if you are prepared for when something may go wrong! The most important part is that everyone has fun.

And there you have it! 6 essential ‘items’ that you want to be sure of when planning any hen party. With so many different choices for places to spend your last ‘single’ night and a huge selection of different products and party favours to make your hen night better than ever, you’ll be spoilt for choice making the final arrangements for your bit night.

Article provided by Mike James, working together with Brighton-based naked waiter service and hen party specialist Butlers With Bums, who were consulted over this piece