Last Wednesday saw an organisation, known as the Impact Team, release the personal details of the cheating sites 39 million users.

In recent years there has been a large amount of hacking scandals publicised in the news. However, is the latest hack of Ashley Madison last Wednesday the most scandalous of them all?

What is Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, who’s slogan is ‘Life is short. Have an affair’ is the World’s largest dating site for married men and women looking to have a discreet affair.

With more than 39 million members in 46 countries, Ashley Madison claim that someone new joins their site every 6 seconds, however, after the latest reveal will this still be the case?


Even more shocking than the number of people across the globe looking to have an affair is the members who have been revealed!

Hundreds of the 37 million users are thought to be US Government employees including many with sensitive and high authority roles in the White House, Law enforcement and Congress.

As well as well know celebrity figures, sports players and reality TV stars from organisations such as ESPN and NFL.


It was reported last week that the first divorce proceedings began as a result of the outing of millions of personal details.

There is no doubt that this will definitely not be the last.

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