Whether it’s your first experience with escorts in Aberdeen, or you’re just trying to impress a new girl, there are always new things to learn which will really impress her. Make sure to remember these three steps before any date to be sure of having a relaxed time with your escort.

The Entrance

Whether you’re going to her or she’s coming to you, first impressions can be the difference between a relaxed evening and an awkward encounter. Not all escorts will expect to be paid up front, however it will make her feel more at ease if you decide to do so, as well as avoiding an awkward conversation about money at a later time.

It is really important to remember although this is her profession, she is still person. Impress her by placing the money on a nearby table or side at the beginning of the evening, making her feel at ease and avoiding the conversation that could change the mood.

Also remember that even if you are spending time with an escort in a hotel while on a business trip – many businessmen enjoy the pleasures of a mature escort on their stop over – you should treat the situation the same – be smart, clean and polite.

Do your research

Know what you want before making a choice, take your time and read up on the different services they provide, to make sure your experience matches your expectations.

Once you have booked your date, make sure you know what is available from your escort beforehand, rather than trying to negotiate terms on arrival. It’s not only bad practice to discuss different types of intimacy during your night, but it can make you feel uncomfortable and make your time less enjoyable.

By knowing what is available before your date you will feel more confident yourself as well as impressing her with your confidence. This, however, doesn’t mean if you are unsure about something that you shouldn’t ask – there will always be things that you can’t find out. Confidently asking the odd question to make you as relaxed as possible will impress her; she will understand as long as it’s not obvious.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell her what you like and don’t like, if you don’t like something just let her know, after all it works both ways and she wouldn’t hesitate to let you know.

Remember this is her profession

Firstly, remember this is her job and she won’t be offended if you don’t call her again. However, if you like her company, remembering that this is her job and you are not her boyfriend is important, as a woman she will enjoy you complimenting her, but don’t overkill it!

Also, she will be impressed, and not offended, if you try not to please her, she is after all doing her job. Many escorts are fantastic actresses, so you probably won’t know whether she is having a great time or not! But don’t dwell on it, as it’s her job and she most likely won’t be very interested in her own pleasure, only yours.

Sticking to these tips on how to impress your escort, you will be sure to have a relaxing and enjoyable time.