Our Favourite Naughty Buys For Ladies

It can be hard deciding on a sex toy when there are so many out there. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed it down for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to sex toys or if you’re looking to shake up your existing collection, there’s the perfect one for you out there! 2015 looks set to be a vintage year for sex toys, with more choice and innovative products available than ever. So to help you pick the perfect one, we’ve put together a list of ten of our favourite sex toys for women. These totally different but all totally fabulous toys will deliver pleasure over and over again. Interested? Read on to find your favourite.

iScream Silicone Dildo

The iScream Silicone Dildo is a toy that looks as pretty as it is functional! The quirky ice lolly design makes it stand out from the crowd and it can even be put in the freezer before use for a totally unique sensation. The addition of powerful vibrations make this toy a truly cool choice.

Remote Egg

The Remote Egg is perfect for couples. Why? Well, the remote control not only allows for your partner to take the reins – but it has a vibrating component of its own, meaning that you can both get some pleasure out of the experience.

Cherry Kegel Balls

Want a toy that’s super cute? Try the Cherry Kegel Balls. Each ‘cherry’ contains a small weight that when worn, creates an incredible weighted sensation that multiplies with your every move. Small and dainty, these are perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Beginner’s Glass Plug

For girls who are new to anal play, the Beginner’s Glass Plug is perfect. Petite and beautiful to look at, its gently tapering shape is great for easy insertion and removal. It’s made from Pyrex, which adapts to both hot and cold temperatures brilliantly – so why not experiment with it a little?

The Crazy Tongue

The Crazy Tongue is just as impressive as it sounds! The ribbed and dotted ‘tongue’ on the toy vibrates, meaning that you can recreate the pleasurable sensations of oral sex at the flick of a button. It’s rechargeable too, so you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries.

Fantasy Heel

Women love shoes, and the Fantasy Heel is no exception! The heel of the toy features a powerful vibrating component, and the sole is home to a cable connector for easy recharging. It’s so pretty, it seems a shame to hide it away!

The Squirt Stick

The Squirt Stick is a real showstopper. Stimulating both g-spot and clitoris, this vibrator thrusts and rotates to give you maximum pleasure. It’s super quiet too, meaning you can use it anywhere!

Inflatable Dildo

For something a little different, the Inflatable Dildo is just the ticket. It extends to well over double its girth, with a realistic veined surface. It also boasts a suction cup at the bottom for some seriously impressive hands free action.

Vibrating Rabbit Ears

The Vibrating Rabbit Ears are all about giving your clitoris some TLC. The sturdy silicone ears are firm yet flexible, and this coupled with seven intense vibration modes means that this will be a firm favourite of yours.

Double Vibrating Butterfly

Our final choice is the Double Vibrating Butterfly, a truly beautiful strap on. The 20 (yes, 20!) vibration settings mean that it can be enjoyed by both partners, plus the water resistant design lends itself well to all kinds of fun!

Which toy will you choose?

Sex toys aren’t just brilliant for having a little solo fun, they’re also great for spicing up you and your partner’s activities between the sheets! So whether you treat yourself to just one or a few toys from our list, one thing is certain – your sex life will never be boring again. So go on, treat yourself today! We won’t tell anyone.